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2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

Bronze_Moonbeam_LRI am very happy to announce that In the Garden of Our Minds and Other Buddhist Stories received a bronze medal in the 2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards in category 27: Religion/Spirituality.

Some information from the website: “The Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards are intended to bring increased recognition to exemplary children’s books and their creators, and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading. The Awards recognize and reward the best of these books and bring them to the attention of parents, booksellers, librarians – and to children themselves.” This year there “are 165 medalists in all, chosen from over 1,200 total entries. The winners represent 35 U.S. States, five Canadian Provinces, and 7 countries overseas.”

In the Garden of Our Minds and other Buddhist stories

From Blue Moon Aurora, a book of children’s stories presenting the wisdom of Mahayana Buddhism through the accessible and entertaining lens of a modern Buddhist family.

ch-4-2Through books we do not only learn for this life but we also cultivate wisdom for future lives. When children read a book, it leaves an imprint in their mind, thus to teach them the dharma through books plants a seed of liberation in their minds. It is extremely important and beneficial to teach children when they are young; in this way they will form good habits for their entire life.
– from the introduction by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche
ch-1-3Michelle L. Johnson-Weider’s book, In the Garden of our Minds and other Buddhist stories, provides a wonderful way to introduce Buddhist ideals to young children. . . My hope is that with stories like these we can help families, especially those with young children, live with compassion and, in that way, build a strong Western sangha.
– from the introduction by Venerable Bardor Tulku Rinpoche

Table of ContentsIn the Garden of our Minds

Prince Siddhartha Renounces the Throne
Fighting the Demon Mara
The Value of Persistence: the story of Mahaprajapati
In the Garden of Our Minds
The Doorway of Death: the story of Kisagotami
Lessons in Stopping: the story of Angulimala
A Visit with Rinpoche
Glossary of terms
Conversations with Children
About the Author and Illustrator

In the Garden of Our Minds and other Buddhist stories

Text by Michelle L. Johnson-Weider; illustrations and graphic design by Brian Chen.