About 50percentDakini

three JizosDakini is a Sanskrit word used to describe the female embodiment of enlightened energy. 50 percent is undoubtedly wishful thinking, but Tibetan Buddhism is all about both starting where you are and visualizing yourself as what you want to become!

50 percent Dakini is an imprint of Blue Moon Aurora, LLC, dedicated to publishing quality children’s books that are accessible, entertaining, and relevant to modern families. The first book released by 50 percent Dakini is In the Garden of Our Minds and Other Buddhist Stories, written by Michelle L. Johnson-Weider and illustrated by Brian Chen.

A portion of the profits from all sales made under the 50 percent Dakini line will be donated to Buddhist charitable organizations. Blue Moon Aurora is proud to support the following:

84000, Translating the Words of the Buddha

Tibetan Nuns Project

If you have a comment or question, post below or email us at bluemoonaurora@gmail.com. For more information about Blue Moon Aurora, visit www.bluemoonaurora.com.

2 thoughts on “About 50percentDakini

  1. Dear ones, I was searching on the Internet and came across your post about do phowa in vermont with Anyen Rinpoche, and wanted to share with you that there is a regular sangha here in vermont the mets twice a week, we are all ( mostly all) students of Anyen Rinpoche and if you would like to know more. Pleas ended an email


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