The smile of a finished quilt.

I did so much sewing in 2020!!! I estimate that I put in well over 700 hours at my new machine, thanks to no longer spending 3 hours each workday commuting and the many evening and weekend hours I devoted to my sanity-saving hobby during this pandemic. I’m grateful for the support and inspiration provided by the quilters on the One Block Wonder Quilt Forum Facebook group – and to the outstanding customer service reps at eQuilter.com as I purchase load after load of gorgeous fabric. 🙂

Both quilts in progress, Nahri supervising.

The first pair of One Block Wonder (OBW) quilts I finished last year I called “Hope is the Thing . . . ” (after Emily Dickinson’s poem) and “Hope Cubed a.k.a. Beautiful Hot Mess”.”Hope Cubed” was the first OBW I’ve done with cubes – an interlocking set – and with inserted fussy-cut squares from the source fabric. I completed them both in April – May 2020, using fabric designed by Chong-A Hwang, who is one of my current favorite designers. As you can guess from the full name of the second quilt, it was quite the learning experience! Lining everything up proved to be an immense challenge. I am happy to say that looking back, I can see how much my skills have improved since then, thanks to that and other similar experiences.

Hope is the Thing. . .
Close up of center panel quilting
Hope Cubed a.k.a. Beautiful Hot Mess
This gives you an idea of how large “Hope Cubed” really is

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  1. All of the quilts are lovely but…I tell you, I just can’t wrap my head around OBW even after your sharing. I think it might be my poor visual perceptual skills or the overwhelming stimulation of so many colors and blocks. I’m just going to have to stick with the traditional piecing and cheer for you.

    Good job! Reclaiming 3 hours of commute time each day is awesome!


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