Beach weather

At the beginning of the COVID-19 summer, I began work on a big project: two large quilts that could be hung back to back to form a room divider. The goal was both to separate our dining room from my husband’s office and also to install a sound muffler for whenever again we are able to have groups of friends over to play roleplaying games, as we frequently did pre-pandemic.

I wanted the quilts to create the illusion of looking out on a landscape. I found two beautiful beach scene panels on, one of a pathway to the shore and the other of the beach at sunset. Both reminded me strongly of my and my husband’s courtship on Anna Maria Island in Florida when I was in my senior year of high school. We spent many a date on the beach, though since Kirk burned easily, we preferred overcast days and late afternoons. I bought 7 of each panel so that I could sew them as One Block Wonders.

I told my husband that in 2020, this was as close as we were going to get to a beach vacation!
This one is called Beach Weather: Sunset Date

I decided to pay a longarmer to quilt the finished tops, as they were quite large and bulky and I wanted them even and flat to hang straight, something I struggle with on my domestic machine (even my new Janome with the expanded throat space). It was a great decision. Maria O’Haver did a wonderful job with two different all-over designs I picked from her library of patterns.

This one is called Beach Weather: Engagement Path…
…because it reminded me so strongly of the spot at the tip of Anna Maria Island where we had our engagement photos taken!

The quilts are fantastic at their intended purpose and enliven both sides of the divided room.


  1. This is an amazing work, it makes my heart sing and my eyes water! It takes me right back to Florida and the beginning of a beautiful time for you when anything was possible and love blossomed. It’s not just a personal expression, all your wonderful quilts are that, but it is a bit of autobiography and I hope looking at it brings both of you much joy and fond memories of the time When Love Was New.


  2. These two quilts are so beautiful! What a gorgeous and practical addition to your house. And, wow, you and Kirk are so young in that photo!!!!


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