Sravasti Abbey quilt

In July of 2013 I reached out to Sravasti Abbey (, an American Buddhist monastic community in rural Washington State, to find out if they would like me to make them a quilt for their teachers, monastics, or visitors housing and if so, if they had any preferences as to colors or size. They responded that they had only twin beds and preferred simple and darker colors, from golden yellow to dark blue and burgundy. They didn’t want anything too light or “busy”, which made perfect sense for the environment.

the finished quilt front
finished quilt back

In February 2014, I completed my quilt and mailed it to the Abbey. In March, they sent me this lovely thank you note:

Looking back on this project from a distance of six years, I am struck by how much my free motion quilting skills have improved. I am also filled with the desire to make another quilt for the Abbey!


  1. I love how you include just that one brighter square for emphasis. It really . . . in a subtle, monastery-appropriate way . . . pops. 🙂

    Who knew there was a Buddhist monastery an hour north of Spokane??? Maybe I should stop by for some tranquility next time I visit my parents . . .


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