Symbols of Freedom

I sewed my third Quilt of Valor in August 2011, using a Judy Martin block design, Dear Old Dad, from her Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns. I called the finished quilt “Symbols of Freedom”.

I had enough fabric left over to make myself a matching quilt, which I called “Let Freedom Sing”. It hung in my office at the Senate Office of the Legislative Counsel for many years.


  1. This is a beautiful quilt. It it a one block wonder? No matter how much I admire your work with the “one blocks” or how much I look at them on Pinterest my head just can’t get around it. I’ve never had strong depth perception skills so this could be a factor. Thanks for sharing. This provides a great record of your quilting, too.


    • No, it’s not a one block wonder – my first of those is coming in the next post! This is a regular pieced block, design by Judy Martin. I like being able to revisit my old quilts, especially those I’ve given away.


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