Bright Skies

In late 2009/early 2010, I sewed my first Quilt of Valor (QOV). QOV is an organization that matches volunteers like myself who sew quilt tops with volunteer longarm quilters who do the quilting; the completed quilts are gifted to wounded service members. My impetus for making my first quilt of valor was the shooting at Fort Hood. Remember that? A U.S. Army major and psychiatrist killed 13 people and injured more than 30 others. I was shocked and saddened and remembered the old adage of ‘if you’re not feeling well, do something that helps someone else’. So I picked a pattern, ordered blue and yellow fabric, and started sewing.

First block. Pattern is “Handy Andy”, 20″ square
Finishing up the top
The completed quilt top before sending to the longarmer

I would go on to make several more quilts of valor, which I will share here in the coming weeks. I like the crisp stars of this first one and am pleased with how it came out. I hope the recipient liked it as well.


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